Post Corona Virus Guidelines

As we move forward to re-opening our doors, we have established guidelines making your time at the studio safe.


  • Classes will now be paid online
  • Families that have more than one child taking classes, should pay at the front desk.
  • Students that prefer to pay cash for their classes can still do so at the front desk. You can also pay online for single or monthly classes.


 Students are required to enter through the back – from the parking lot area.

  1. Each student and/or parents will first be tested with a forehead thermometer, before entering into the studio.
    • If you are feeling sick, have been around people that have been sick, we ask that you do not come to class.
    • Also, if you are showing a bit of a fever, you will be ask to go home.
  2. Everyone is REQUIRED to wear a mask while in the building. No exceptions. If you don’t have one, we will provide one at a small fee.  $2 paper


  • We also understand that some people feel that wearing a mask is not necessary, and we can respect that, however, we ask that for the short time that you will be in the building, that you respect our requests.
  1. Only ONE parent per child in the lobby. Especially for little ones 3 – 9 years olds.
    • Parents of older children/teens can be dropped off, while parents wait outside.

These measures will keep the amount of people waiting in the lobby down to a minimum.  Also, if you feel that you or your little one is not well, we ask that you please stay home.

Remember, we will have a face thermometer on hand, subject to potential test.



We have adjusted our schedule to meet this new environment.  There will be a 15 minute break between classes, so that:

  1. Students can leave
  2. We can clean and prep the classroom for the next group of students

I recommend that you go online and review the new schedule.  Remember there’s limited spots so make sure that you sign-up immediately.  Once classes fill up, you can then place your name on the waiting list.  You will be notified when a spot opens, so don’t be discouraged.

CLASSROOMS sizes will be smaller – 5 minimum 8 maximum, 3 year old Ballet and Tap – 5 total each class.

The floor will be marked off for students for spacing.  We also understand that some dance forms and little ones, will not be able to maintain the spacing environment, this is why the reduction in class size should help with this situation.

Due to the physical aspect of dance, wearing masks in class might be difficult, so, we recommend that students wear a mask that is comfortable.



STREET SHOES are not allowed in the classroom.  Street shoes must be taken off before entering into the classroom.  Students should remove their street shoes and put on their dance shoes before going into the classroom.  Each dance form has specific dance shoes that are required, including Hip Hop.  Please review those requirements in the Dance Attire section.  No longer will students be able to walk in off the street and go straight into the classroom wearing street shoes.  Every student must wear the appropriate dance shoes. 

Each classroom has cubby areas where they can leave their personal items safely.  This will also help us control the tracking of dirt or potential virus spread into the classroom. 

DANCE ATTIRE is required.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Street clothes are NOT ALLOWED or appropriate in a dance class. This is extremely important for the students learning process, preparing for class and being appropriately dressed sets the tone for success.  Just as students wear uniforms to school, each dance form has a uniform specific to that art form that needs to be acknowledged , also, this helps to contain potential spread.

Please review the “Dance Attire”, requirements for the dance form that is being taken. 


We will have hand sanitizer stations placed at the entrance from the parking lot, by the check in desk, and in the hallway area for your use, as well as extra masks, should you forget to bring one, at a small cost.  Hand sanitizing soap will be available in the bathrooms.

Again, we will also have a handheld thermometer on hand.

Classes will now have a 15 minutes break between classes, giving us time to prepare the classroom for the next group. 

  • Seating will be marked showing social distancing areas.
  • On high attendance days, we will have entrance and exit arrow flow marks enabling students and parents to exit without experiencing congestion. So, when classes are done, everyone will exit to Main Street.  This will only apply to heavy class attendance days.
    • Enter the studio from the parking lot – after class exit through the front to Main Street.

Locker and Shoe Rentals will no longer be available, so come prepared.

We would like to thank you all for being apart of AFDT/Center of Worldance and will continue to do whatever we need to provide you with the best environment for your journey in dance arts.