Individual Virtual Class Fees

Take a class no commitment or registration:  $15.  (this applies to all children, teens, and adults) *

Monthly Virtual Class Fees

Register (one time payment):  $30. *

All kids classes are $10 per class – per student, *

Teen & Adults Classes with registration:

1 class per week – $13.75 per hour per class *
2 classes per week –  $13 per hour per class *
3 – 4 classes per week –  $12 per hour per class *

Payments can be sent via PayPal to – please include the dates you will  be attending class.

* All classes must be paid in advanced before we send out the link.
A missed class cannot be rolled over to the next month.
All paid classes must be used within that month.
Individual classes must be paid 24 hours in advanced.


School Policies

Tuition & Registration Fees:  There is a $30 registration fee for all new students, an additional $10. for each additional immediate family member only. 

Monthly Fees are due on the 1st of each month.  There is a $30 charge for returned checks.  Discounts only apply to monthly/ multiple classes.  Single class card pays the single class rate regardless of registration.

Refunds & Credits: There are NO REFUNDS, credits or transfers for any classes

Missed Monthly Classes:  Missed classes must be made up on an assigned day.  See the front desk to schedule your make up class.  Forfeiture of your class and money will result if you do not take your class on on the scheduled date.  You will have two weeks to reschedule your missed class.  You cannot roll over classes to the next month and classes are not transferable to friends or family

Please be on time to class!  If you are 15 minutes late, the instructor has the option to not allow you to the class

Our dance instructors are the finest professional performers in their field.  However, when an instructor is not available to teach, the class will be subbed by another highly qualified instructor.  If no one is available, the class will be rescheduled.  Instructor has the option to cancel the class if the minimum number of students are not present.  Minimum number of students is five.

Private Lessons:  Are available for all students of all ages and levels and should be scheduled with the instructor and cleared with the front desk to ensure space availability.